● A contrast between elegance and grunge ●

For me creativity means a never ending process. On this site I share my drawings and illustrations of fashion and design. On my blog I also add photographs ,no matter whether digital or analog, and something about art and fashion. I really like to be creative in these fields of infinite possibilities.

Invitation for Comments

Just now, my website has become ready for commentaries. In addition you can add a link to your own or favourite website. No worries! As a logged-in user you have all rights to edit and delete your own comments and links – now and in future.

Moreover, if you want to share your own creative drawings or photographs your are always welcome to send me a message.I will post your work with a link to your site on my blog.

My dream is to create a space where art, fashion, photography and also prose come together; where every person can present own creative ideas and share them with the others…

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